Saturday, 5 November 2011

Something for Christmas...

I'm still checking in here from time to time and have several matters to post about when I get time. Sorry for the delay.

Meanwhile, this latest product has quite a lot about the North in it: The English Village, published by Michael O'Mara.

Goodness, you can even get it on Kindle, the first time that's happened to me, although Morris Minor and A Mini Adventure are going that way shortly.

More (quite) soon. All warm wishes M


  1. Hi Martin,

    I noticed your article on Richard Branson coming to Liverpool for the GEC. I am a budding entrepreneur and have created a social media hub for organisations to create their own social media sites.

    I am building a site for the GEC and would really like your help in knowing how best to promote it. I appreciate you probably get many requests of this nature but if you can come back to me I hope to be able to make a real difference to those who want to start a business.


  2. Have just finished reading True North and loved it being an ex-pat. However I was wondering why no mention was made of The Bowes Museum in the chapter on museums. Surely it deserved a mention.