Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hello World!

This blog is about my book True North, published in October 2009, and will serve - I hope - as a bibliography which saves paper, trees etc, and a forum for discussion, criticism, correction of errors (I am a journalist...) and the like.

I'm just setting it up now, but will return shortly with the first batch of books which have helped me to define my view of the North of England and to write - as the book's subtitle puts it - In praise of England's better half. So, more soon.


  1. A good and enjoyable read but for this Lanky, a bit too 'York-centric' or perhaps that should be 'Leeds-centric'. On the other hand, I expect nothing less from someone born in 'God's own county', even if they are a stalwart of the Manchester Guardian.

    One minor point around p.11; St James' Park (not St James's Park).

    Phil Dawson

  2. Hi Phil - thanks very much for that, and I admit that things got a bit tilted towards the East of the Pennines. As a result, I keep discovering new and interesting things about Lancashire and Cheshire, and Cumbria too of course, and I hope to make use of them in the future.
    Thanks too for the correction, which I've added to my list for the first opportunity to change things. Not too many, I'm glad to say, but it's amazing how they evade all checks. I even called James Herriot's famous book All Things Bright and Beautiful instead of All Things Great and Small, aagh...
    That's why we have the Corrections & Clarifications column in the Guardian (and why it's never short of material).

    Many thanks again and warm wishes


  3. Whoops, I meant Creatures. There we go again. Journalists, eh...