Friday, 28 August 2009

The North-South Divide

Two books I've used a lot, with the same title Their sub-titles explain the difference. Helen Jewell's is a fascinating historical study of the development of a 'Northern' idea. Her own bibliography gives lots of guides to further exploration. The North-South Divide Manchester University Press 1994.

The second The North-South Divide Paul Chapman Publishing 1989, has loads of statistics which show both the divide and some (but not all) of the divisions on either 'side', which ultimately make the picture much more complicated than a simple Us and Them.
Three other sources which I have found very useful in this debate are: The Woollen Manufacture of England by Edward Baines, with a new introduction by K.G.Ponting David & Charles 1970; The Origins of Civic Universities by David R Jones Routledge 1988 and the Northern Economic Review, Autumn 1999, No.29.

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