Sunday, 24 January 2010

Miles to go before we sleep

Well here we are at post number 40, and there are many, many more books to go. I may be dead before we get there, and as for pamphlets... I'll probably have to bequeath the task of listing them all to my heirs. These micro-publications, booklets, church leaflets, parish magazines and all the vast and numberless legion of ephemera form my greatest treasure trove. It is rare to find one without at least one nugget within of fine, original information or a surprising fact. To give you a notion of the task ahead, here are some phone pics I've just taken of the part of my pamphletarium which is sort-of organised - ie in small boxes with vague names such as Merseyside Generally or Newcastle & Northumberland. Just dipping into the latter, I'd like to commend and acknowledge The Pennine Cycleway by Ted Liddle, Dalesman 2003, The Hartlepool Villages series of leaflets, published by Hartlepool borough council (undated but c.1995), the Northumberland National Park's Public Access Guide to the Otterburn Military Training Area (undated, c.2000), Hadrian's Wall, an illustrated guide by A R Birley (he of Vindolanda, about which anything is excellent),HMSO 1963 eighth impression 1981, and W W Tomlinson's Historical Notes of Cullercoats, Whitley Bay and Monkseaton 1893, of which North Tyneside council library service kindly sent me a photocopy (of parts, not the whole) in the mid-1990s. More, much, much more to come...

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